Joining Atheist Alliance International is simple and safe—we promise we will not sell your email address or pass it on to third parties.

Members get first viewing of Secular World magazine, plus our email newsletter and you have a say in managing the organisation—you may nominate Board Members, vote at General Meetings and you may be nominated as a Board Member.

Your subscriptions are used to help atheists around the world. We organise and fund campaigns to demystify and normalise atheism, promote critical thinking and counter religious dogma in government and public policy.

To join us you must be an atheist, agnostic, freethinker or humanist.

If you join us, you will receive occasional administrative emails and an email that allows you to opt-out of newsletters/campaign emails. If it is unsafe for you to receive emails from us, please do not join.


Lifetime Member
from $1,500 single payment
Make a single payment and you’re a member until you reach the pearly gates. This may be the cheapest option for you, yet it gives us a nice sum which could fund an entire campaign, or a big chunk of one, plus you get some extra perks
Annual Member
from $40 per year
Just one payment a year gives you full member benefits and gives us the resources to support the most important campaigns worldwide. You can cancel at any time without notice
Monthly Member
from $5 per month
If you prefer to make smaller payments, monthly membership offers full member benefits for a monthly payment that shouldn’t break the bank. You can cancel at any time without notice
Junior Member
$15 per year
Junior membership is for students or anyone who can’t afford a full membership. You get slightly reduced benefits but you’re in the club and you’re helping. You can cancel at any time without notice

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