The Death Penalty: Killing in the name of God is the ultimate act of blasphemy

 by Abdul Olugbala Shakur, San Francisco Bay View

The Death Penalty is one of many signs of a society that is morally deter­iorating, especially a society that proclaims an affinity with God and the Holy Scriptures. First of all, there’s nothing in the Holy Scriptures which gives moral support and/or credence to the implementation of the Death Penalty. This is a man-made evil, and it is this spiritual contradiction that will eventually condemn us all to a spiritual and moral death.

This is a moral and spiritual issue, and being thus, it is imperative for society at large to analyze the social and moral dynamics pertaining to the Death Penalty from a perspective that magnifies and values human life – humanity – for its social and moral implications are beginning to manifest within the norm of societal beha­vior and attitudes.

For example, at every execution there is always a crowd of people who are proponents of the Death Penalty standing outside the prison gates cheering the execution of the condemned. Many of them often have signs jokingly mocking the human life that is about to be taken in the name of man’s warped sense of justice.

This celebration of death, of state-sponsored homicide, in many instances is carried out right before the family and children of the condemned. They shout out, “Kill the bastard!” completely oblivious to the impact their venomous hate is going to have on these children.

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