End Blasphemy Laws

Atheist Alliance International is proud to be a transnational partner in the newly-launched International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws.

By going to ICABL website you news about victims of Blasphemy laws from all around the world, including an interactive map with detailed information on the countries’ blasphemy laws and accusations.


Atheist Students Must Fight Back

By Rory Fenton

For non-religious students on campuses across the UK, 2013-14 has been the most challenging year to date, with criticism of religion censored and religious rules enforced in lecture theatres. It has also seen the start of a significant fight-back.

Two members of National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS) at LSE wore t-shirts featuring the satirical Jesus and Mo webcomic: the cartoon depicted the two religious figures saying "Hey" and "How ya doin'?". At the request of their own students' union, the body surely set up to defend student rights, the university sent 10 security guards to surround the two students and their offending cotton, demanding that they remove the t-shirts or be removed themselves. All of this without any evidence of an actual student's complaint.