Atheist Alliance International relies on and appreciates the assistance of a range of contributors to its operations and activities.  Thank you everyone!


Social Media

Matt Kovach (Social Media Coordinator)
Matt Kovach previous ran his own business as a hairstylist, but today considers himself a habitual volunteer and activist.  He has volunteered for AAI since before its separation in 2011 and is currently also a volunteer with Responsible Charity.  Matt's motto is "Two hands working can do more than a thousand hands clasped in prayer".

News Team

Anne (Australasia/Pacific)
Anne is currently studying Pharmacology, doing a fair bit of online writing, and involved in the Secular Party of Australia, a local Humanist group and her university's secular society.  She was baptised as a child into the Anglican Church and was sent to religious schools for most of her life, which essentially turned her away from religion, after seeing the stark abuse and miscarriages of justice that occurred.

Christine Jaurigue (Editor/Coordinator)
Christine Jaurigue has been a teacher for five years. She has degrees in English Literature and Psychology, and a diploma in editing. She was raised in a Catholic family and embarked on her road to atheism after reading Dawkins' The Selfish Gene and Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 

Raymond Clevenger (North America)
Raymond Clevenger is a computer networking specialist who works for a state university.  He was raised in a household devoted to the Society of Friends (Quaker), but began to heavily question his own religious belief early in life. Upon turning eighteen he joined the U.S. military and served in the First Iraq War. His experiences in the military and a constant bombardment of religious propaganda and coercion from acquaintances, friends, and family influenced him to become a more outspoken atheist, with a desire to encourage skepticism and reason in order to live in a healthier society based on freedom of thought instead of the constricted teachings of religion.

Richard CuiCui (North America)
Richard CiuCiu has been studying religion for the past five years, particularly focusing on the Abrahamic religions and ‘proofs’ of God. He has considered himself an atheist since 2008, and recently obtained a BA in Religious Studies, graduating with honors. Richard is now working on a masters in theological studies. He intends to follow this up with a doctorate, focusing on the New Testament. One day he hopes to teach at the university level as well as maintain a presence in the secular community.  Richard is also a member of AAI's PR Team.

Danika (Australasia/Pacific)
Danika is a writer, the editor of a monthly newsletter for a writing centre and a 9-5 office worker. She was raised in a non-religious household and sent to Catholic primary and high school where she found that not all questions were answered well enough, and so went to University and completed a BA in Philosophy. Though she lives in an apparently secular country, the lack of skepticism and influence of religious groups concerns her. She considers education one of the most important steps in creating a more equal and healthy community, and plans to eventually become a teacher, specialising in critical thinking, literature and history.

Farran J. (Asia)
Faran is a blogger,education activist,who is currently chasing a degree in International Relations. He was born in a conservative Muslim family in the region of Pakistan. He was sent to an Islamic medressa in an early age where he read Koran and witnessed child abuse. In his college years,he studied Bible and later renounced religion. Now he is a member of PAA (Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics) and considers himself an atheist activist.  

M. J. (Europe)

He R. Lock & She R. Lock (Asia)
He. R. Lock and She. R. Lock share the ideals of atheism and are happily engaged. Both are following their passion of psychology and writing. They live in a Muslim country and were born and raised in Muslim families. Studying religions and witnessing the atrocities committed by people in the name of religion, they renounced their religion and embraced a life full of love for humanity. They managed to break the shackles of religion by their own conscious effort. They did so by thinking critically, questioning their long held beliefs and consequently choosing to live a life of rationality and empathy.

Mohammad (Middle East)
Mohammad was raised in a very religious Islamic family. He used to go to mosques frequently and do religious tasks precisely. But, about five years ago, he found out that the religious things he used to do were nonsense. He felt what he was doing within the Islamic principles was meaningless. As a result, he decided to come out of superstitious world and go in to the real world.  He looks for a better world and thinks in the absence of education and knowledge gods and supernatural powers are made. He believes by thinking rationally making such a world with peace is possible. Living in a country with the right of freedom of thought and expression and going to university are two of his aims.

Jo Stephanie (Africa)

Sonam (Europe)
Sonam completed her undergraduate degree in zoology in London in 2012 and is going on to pursue a masters of research in primatology. It was through her love of science and the notion of natural selection that she began to question the existence of a god. She is also currently volunteering for the British Humanist Association.

Public Relations Team

Roger Chao
Roger Chao is a social and policy researcher, managing numerous Government, NGO, and University research projects. In his spare time he also works as an independent scholar, publishing in and reviewing for journals in the field of ethics and philosophy of religion. He has been active in the secular community since the early 2000s and his extensive travels around the world, and passion for the outdoors have helped cement his secular outlook on life.

Christopher Myrick
Christopher Myrick has worked in international journalism and corporate communications for more than a dozen years, primarily serving for international news agencies and corporations within East Asia.  He currently is based in Toronto, Canada, providing editorial and communications services for major financial institutions, as well as speechwriting and consulting services to global clients.


Mark Gilroy
Mark is a committee member of the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA) and was involved in the organisation of both the 2010 and 2012 Global Atheist Conventions in Melbourne.  He works full time as an I.T. Project Manager and this keeps him out of trouble most of the time.  Mark was raised a Catholic but decided that it was all just a bit silly, and lapsed after leaving home and going to university.  Reading Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" turned indifference into atheism, and Mark now helps out the atheist cause wherever he can.  

Mary Gilroy
Mary is a committee member of the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA). She was involved in the organisation of the 2012 Global Atheist Convent in Melbourne as Logistics Coordinator. Raised Catholic but soon worked out it was a lot of rot that did nothing to progress humanity.  She and Mark are dedicated parents of two girls who, hopefully, have been encouraged to question everything. She also works part time as an Enrolled Nurse in an aged care facility. 



Peter Caires (Animator)
Former Catholic church-avoiding Peter Caires is currently finishing his BA degree in Animation - with hopes to continue at master level. His skills are generally centred around creative output, from short films, music production, poster and logo design to a splash of web design.  A love of science and a passion for dinosaurs was always likely to banish religious superstition from his mind, despite taking 21 years to do so!  His favourite heroes include Noam Chomsky, the late Christopher Hitchens (yes both!), Richard Dawkins, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.  Peter's YouTube channel is

Jack Karpinski (web architect, StudioExcel)
Passionate about making the world a better place, dedicated dad and round-the-clock web development addict. With 100+ websites under his belt loves a challenge and always tries to push the envelope.  Favourite motto: "Like doing something, love somebody, don't be a shmuck, live your life meaningfully". 

Jake Stollery (Graphic Design)
As a passionate thinker, creative and technologist, Jake Stollery consumes his energy exploring the space between the beautiful and the binary. Besides working across fashion, music and lifestyle brands, he is a passionate atheist and thinks that a better world is one where religion no long hiders the progress of humanity :)

Linda Thomsen (Graphic Design)
Linda Thomsen has extensive experience in graphic, multimedia and web design, direct sales and marketing.  Linda has assisted AAI with project logo design.

THOUGHTcam (3D Animation, Broadcast, Motion and Interactive Graphics, Rich and Multi Media ) We like clients that promote atheist ideals! Anything from movies, TV, disc, print or web, and we love logos!  See our work at and for AAI here.

Leandro Yampolsky (Website Manager)
Leandro Yampolsky has been a member of ArgAtea (Asociación Civil de Ateos en Argentina) since December 2008. He has volunteered in many campaigns organized by ArgAtea, such as the Atheist Picnic in Buenos Aires to support the 09/27/2009 Atheist Public Display in Mexico and the Buenos Aires 10:23 Challenge 2011 against homeopathy. In April 2010, at the Second National Congress (Mar del Plata, Argentina), he participated in the introductory speech of ArgAtea. He was webmaster of ArgAtea's website from June 2009 until November 2010. Leandro was co-anchor of the first Argentine radio program on atheism, skepticism and critical thinking, Nuevos Ayres Criticos, in 2009. He has written articles promoting scientific thought, criticizing the Catholic Church and discussing abortion, which have been published in the Argentine magazine "La Res Pública" and in ArgAtea's freethought magazine.  Leandro was an AAI Director for a one year term ended May 2012.