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Who we are

AAI is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals committed to educating its members and the public about atheism and critical thinking, and to supporting atheists around the world who are discriminated against and criminalized. AAI was granted UN Special Consultative status in 2013.

What we do

AAI supports atheist organizations world-wide by assisting them with local campaigns, secular education and coaching, and by encouraging interactions between groups. AAI also provides advice, community and support to individual atheists, especially those whose lives are threatened or diminished by theists. Watch our video ↠


Atheist Alliance International is a registered charity under Section 501 C of the Internal Revenue code of the United States. If you reside in the United States and would like a tax receipt for donations or payments made to AAI in 2018, please contact us and we will send you one.

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SECULAR WORLD — February 2019 issue available now.

In this issue articles by: Dr. Richard Carrier, Angelos Sofocleos, Robin Ince, Courtney Heard AKA Godless Mom, Stephen Law, and Alex O’Connor (The Cosmic Skeptic)

Articles include: From Polytheism to Monotheism; An Island Divided (Cyprus); I’m Disorder, you’re Entropy; ThingsTheists Say; Applying Logic to the God Proposition; Religion / Conspiracy Theory; The Kalaam Cosmological Argument; Escape from Faith; AAI Hero Threatened by Gunmen; AAI’s Freethinking Hero.

Secular World is AAI’s flagship e-magazine. Available to AAI members only for two weeks—free to all from February 18.

Download or view the February edition here ↠

AAI Board Member Targeted by Gunmen

India has become a dangerous place for people who publicly promote rationality and expose charlatans who use ‘magic’ tricks to claim they have powers from God.

Several Indian rationalists have been killed since 2013. Most of these killings follow a pattern—two men on a motorcycle draw alongside the victim and the pillion passenger unleashes a hail of bullets aimed at the victim’s head and chest. It’s brutal and effective, and invariably allows the assassins to escape the crime scene.

Following the killing of Gauri Lankesh outside her house in September 2017, a Special Investigation Team was set up to investigate allegations that a Hindu Nationalist group was behind the deaths. The team uncovered a hit-list of 34 rationalist writers targeted for execution and a plot to kill four prominent rationalists on a single day. Documents gave the names of the intended victims, the hit-men allocated to each execution and showed plans were at an advanced stage of preparation.

The intended victims included AAI Board member, Narendra Nayak. Police have arrested several alleged conspirators and the four targeted rationalists have been given police protection. Read more about our campaigns in India ↠

AAI Board Member Professor Narendra Nayak
Proposed Akwa Ibom Worship Centre
Proposed Akwa Ibom Worship Centre

Atheists Sue State Governor in Nigeria

What should atheists do when they find a State Governor is promoting a project to build an enormous 8,500-seat Christian worship centre and is contributing state funding?

This is happening now in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, a country with a Federal Constitution that explicitly mandates separation of religion and state. Our affiliate, the Atheist Society of Nigeria, instructed lawyers to write to Governor Udom Emmanuel, to demand the cessation of the project, and for the contributions made by the government to be publicly disclosed.

The Governor has failed to respond to either letter. So with AAI’s help, the Atheist Society of Nigeria is taking the matter to court to let a Judge rule on the legality of the Governor’s involvement in this overtly religious project. This will be the first time in history that atheists have sued a state government in Nigeria and the ruling will be a crucial test case that will clarify the law and is likely to impact many other instances of state-religion entanglement across the country.

Read more about the Nigerian worship center ↠

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Secular World – February 2019

In this issue: Editorial President’s Letter Eggs, Bunnies and Crosses? From Polytheism to Monotheism An Island Divided (Cyprus) I’m Disorder, you’re Entropy Things Theists Say From C...

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