David Madison

David Madison

David Madison has a graduate degree in theology and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Boston University; he served as a Methodist minister for nine years.

By the time his PhD work was finished (1975), he had become an atheist. He transitioned into human resources and for seventeen years was the director of an association of career coaches, from which he retired in 2014.

He then focused on writing his book that was published in 2016, Ten Tough Problems in Christian Thought and Belief: a Minister-Turned-Atheist Shows Why You Should Ditch the Faith. Works in progress now include 50 Things We Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said and Bad Bible Theology: An Atheist Takedown of Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

He also writes a weekly article for the Debunking Christianity Blog and has a YouTube channel featuring videos relating to atheism.

He lives in New York City with his husband of 42 years. They were legally married in 2008.