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President's Corner

Lawrence Krauss

The allegations of sexual misconduct against Lawrence Krauss are very troubling. He is a celebrated Atheist and people seem to be lining up to back him or condemn him.

As atheists, we must follow our principles of using facts, reason and evidence to determine our views. To defend someone simply because of his popularity in our community, or because you are a fan, is not right. These are serious allegations and evidence must be looked at before we form an opinion. AAI has not seen the evidence, so AAI cannot take a stand until we know more.

Atheist Alliance International does not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind.  An important part of our work is fighting for human rights—the right to express oneself freely and not to be persecuted or discriminated against because one is a non-believer.  But human rights also includes not having to put up with sexual harassment because you are a woman.

When these situations arise, we will not give a knee-jerk reaction. We will not favor our friends nor condemn our foes. We will do the right thing using our principles of reason, rationality and evidence.  If the person is found guilty, then we can denounce them.

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