Our Values

AAI's values

A lot of things define an organization. For example, its mission, goals, stakeholders, geographic scope and business processes are all important but the values the organization holds dear set it apart from others working in the same space. 

Atheist Alliance International holds six values above all others. These values guide all of our decisions and actions. They are the organization’s essence. Our values reach to every corner from the Board of Directors to the Executive Director, the staff and our volunteers. Our values are part of our identity and a source of pride.

We have been helping atheists since 1991 and we are the only atheist organization to be recognized by the United Nations Human Rights Council but our values, and our commitment to them, are the reason our members and supporters can trust us to represent them, to be custodians of membership fees and donations and to work in the best interests of atheists worldwide.

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Integrity comes first. As an organization and as individuals we should always do the ethical thing even when it’s the hardest thing. There can be no excuses.


We don’t have factories, we only have people. Hardworking and creative people who give their time, almost always for no payment, to help others. We have no preconceived ideas about people; we value everyone for what they can give not by what they are. So we welcome everyone equally regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, age or any other factor over which people have no control.


AAI is the heart of a huge coalition of supporters, affiliates and members. We believe everyone’s voice should be heard. We are a listening organization. We have designed our bylaws to guarantee everyone the right to influence the organization’s direction.


AAI believes collaboration is vital to ensure we get the best ideas, the strongest teams and the most successful campaigns. Our job is to change the world and we cannot do that alone. We will work in a collaborative way both within AAI itself and between AAI and other organizations with whom we share a common purpose.


We will only succeed if we take our work seriously. We must be persistent and take care of the small details as much as the grand strategy. We aim for quality and reject sloppiness in everything we do.


By their nature, atheists are independent thinkers but this can leave them isolated and alone. There is a need for leadership in the atheist community—one voice that can represent atheists at the United Nations and other forums and can lead international campaigns. AAI accepts the leadership role, but in a democratic and collaborative, not autocratic, manner.

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Atheist Alliance International is run by a volunteer international Board and relies on membership fees and donations to fund its activities.  If you support atheism and would like to help atheists who are at risk to stay safe…

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