Become an AAI Affiliate

Atheist Alliance International is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals working with atheists worldwide to demystify and normalize atheism, promote critical thinking and counter religious dogma in government and public policy.

If you are a member of an atheist, agnostic, humanist or freethought organization, your organization could become an AAI Affiliate to support the cause and benefit from the strength of an established international organization. AAI offers four Affiliate membership levels, one of which is completely free. All AAI Affiliates can:

  • Advertise events on our website.
  • Advertise their organization and display their logo on our website.
  • Submit campaign reports and news items to our website.
  • Display the AAI logo on their website.
  • Receive our newsletter.
  • Download sample bylaws with advice on setting up & growing an atheist organization (available shortly).

In addition, we will refer people to you who are looking for an atheist organization in your area.

If you choose one of the membership levels that require a contribution, you unlock important additional benefits. As a contributing Affiliate you may:

  • Request AAI support for local campaigns (this could include advice, publicity, fundraising, volunteers, introductions to other organizations, and financial support).
  • Nominate candidates for AAI board positions.
  • Request an AAI speaker for your events (a contribution towards expenses may be required).

Last, but not least, contributing Affiliates may be invited to attend AAI board meetings. And your membership contribution will help us support atheist individuals and groups around the world—the more you give, the more we can help.

Affiliate membership is open to local, regional, national and supranational organizations throughout the world.

The Atheist Alliance International Board expects Affiliate members to be a recognized secular group, to operate in an ethical manner and to have a democratic character. To satisfy ourselves on these issues, we will review your bylaws, carry out other research and make a decision on your application.

Click the button below to access the online Affiliate application form.

Affiliate Application Form Here

If you have questions, please contact our Secretary at . You will find a partial list of our affiliates here.

We look forward to hearing from you!