Become an affiliate

Atheist Alliance International is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals working with atheists worldwide to demystify and normalize atheism, promote critical thinking and counter religious dogma in government and public policy.

If you are a member of an atheist, agnostic, humanist or freethought organization anywhere in the world, you could become an affiliate member to support the cause. And we could help you run campaigns in your country. We can offer advice, links to other organizations, volunteers and, in some cases, funding.

There are many other advantages of affiliate membership. For example, you will keep in touch with events of interest through our newsletter, you will be first to access our flagship Secular World publication each quarter (you can even download it, print it and sell it at your events), you can advertise your events on our popular website free of charge and you will have a say in running Atheist Alliance International–you may nominate Board Members, propose Board resolutions and vote at AGMs.

Affiliate Membership is open to local, regional, national and supranational organizations throughout the world. The Atheist Alliance International Board expects Affiliate members to be a recognized group, to operate in an ethical manner and to have a democratic character. To satisfy ourselves on these issues, we will review your bylaws, carry out our own research and our Board will vote on your application.

There are three levels of membership for affiliates depending on size, but all have the same rights (large affiliates may be entitled to additional votes at AGMs). Subscriptions cost $225 per year for large organizations (100+ members), $100 for medium-sized and $50 for smaller organizations (less than 50 members).

Atheist Alliance International is a very cost-conscious organisation⏤all board members are unpaid volunteers and we keep our overheads as low as we can, so the bulk of your subscriptions go towards campaigns helping atheists around the world.

Why wait? To get the ball rolling email John, our Affiliates Director at . Tell us a bit about your organization, how long you have been around, how many members you have and what you do. Attach a copy of your bylaws and a link to your website, if you have one.

We look forward to hearing from you!