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Who we are

AAI is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals committed to educating its members and the public about atheism and critical thinking, and to supporting atheists around the world who are discriminated against and criminalized. AAI was granted UN Special Consultative status in 2013.

What we do

AAI supports atheist organizations world-wide by assisting them with local campaigns, secular education and coaching, and by encouraging interactions between groups. AAI also provides advice, community and support to individual atheists, especially those whose lives are threatened or diminished by theists. Watch our video ↠


Fighting for Atheist Rights

People should be as free to be atheists as they are to be conservative or liberal; Christians or Muslims. The truth is, in many parts of the world, atheists are not free. Too often atheists are persecuted and discriminated against by civil authorities.

In some countries, particularly Islamic countries, atheists are criminalized and live in fear of fear of loss of rights, imprisonment, public lashing or execution by the state.

AAI is campaigning for the Right to be Secular. We need to clarify Human Rights declarations and treaties to explicitly confer upon atheists the same rights as are enjoyed by the religious.

Read more about this exciting and important campaign ↠

AAI Supports US House Resolution 512

Rep.Jamie Raskin is sponsoring a bill in the US Congress calling for the repeal of blasphmey, heresy and apostasy laws worldwide. Blasphemy, heresy and apostasy laws stand in violation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees freedom of thought, expression and religion.

Atheists are particularly vulnerable to accusations of these religiously motivated crimes leading to large numbers of atheists becoming refugees to escape imprisonment and even execution.

Atheist Alliance International strongly supports Resolution 512. Blasphemy, heresy and apostasy go against fundamental human rights which are the foundation of our work at AAI. We urge every American who agrees with us to contact their congressperson urging them to support Resolution 512.

UNHCR Treatment of Atheist Refugees

Are you an atheist who has had a bad experience with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees) while applying for refugee status? If you felt you were not treated fairly or judged negatively because of your atheism, we want to hear from you.

We will collate your stories and make representations to UNHR to change the way they deal with atheist refugees.

Please send your story to: president@atheistallance.org

Atheist Union of Greece’s Complaint Upheld

Our affiliate, the Atheist Union of Greece, has been running a campaign to stop schools from keeping records of students’ religious faith. A student’s religion is printed on end-of-school certificates and parents must declare a student’s religion in order to opt out of confessional classes.

Now Greece’s Independent Data Protection Authority has issued a ruling that these practices violate the Greek Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. This will force the Greek government to abandon the practice or engage in a court battle they will have little hope of winning.

Read the full story here

Themis mythical Greek Goddess of justice
ASN Officers awaiting the judgment
ASN Officers awaiting the judgment

Atheists Sue State Governor in Nigeria

Judge hands down his decision

What should atheists do when they find a State Governor is promoting a project to build an enormous 8,500-seat Christian worship center and is contributing state funding? In October 2018, our affiliate, the Atheist Society of Nigeria (ASN), instructed lawyers to sue the governor. Now the judge has announced his decision.

ASN lost but were the Nigerian atheists treated impartially and was the judge’s decision right? Did we get justice or bigotry?

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Our atheist book recommendations

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What books do you recommend?”

People doubting their religion or new to atheism are often hungry to learn more. Lifelong atheists like to read good atheist books and keep up with new books as they are published.

Parents want to find good books for their children to give them thinking skills, an understanding of science and help them to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Sometimes people are searching for straightforward, non-confrontational books to gift to their religious friends…

You will find a selection of the books we love on our Atheist Bookfest page. Enjoy!

See them here ↠

Couple reading book
Dawkins book collage

The God Delusion now FREE in Arabic

Recognizing the difficulty many Muslims have accessing books on skepticism, atheism and evolution, Richard Dawkins is making his most popular titles available for FREE DOWNLOAD in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, and Indonesian. The titles being made available include River Out of Eden, The Magic of Reality, The Blind Watchmaker, and The God Delusion.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, now a division of The Center for Inquiry, has launched The Translations Project to provide professional translations of Dawkins’ books into the languages most widely spoken by Muslims around the world.

More information here ↠

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