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We atheists need to get involved—to get out into the world, to be seen, to be heard and to support secular causes. Our featured Call To Action highlights a project that needs your help, either as a volunteer or with a donation.  All donations, minus the transaction fees, go directly to these projects. It’s our way to show the world that atheists care and will ensure there are alternatives to religion. Here is our current Call To Action:

Atheists Sue State Governor in Nigeria

Illustration of the proposed Akwa Ibom Christian worship centre

What should atheists do when they find a State Governor is promoting a project to build an enormous 8,500-seat Christian worship centre and is contributing state funding?

This is happening now in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, a country with a Federal Constitution that explicitly mandates separation of religion and state. Our affiliate, the Atheist Society of Nigeria, instructed lawyers to write to Governor Udom Emmanuel, to demand the cessation of the project, and for the contributions made by the government to be publicly disclosed.

The Governor has failed to respond to either letter. So what next?

With AAI’s help, the Atheist Society of Nigeria will take the matter to court and let a Judge rule on the legality of the Governor’s involvement in this overtly religious project. This will be the first time in history that atheists have sued a state government in Nigeria and the ruling will be a crucial test case that will clarify the law and is likely to impact many other instances of state-religion entanglement across the country.
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To help with this project, please contact
the President of the Atheist Society of Nigeria

or make a donation towards our legal fund:

Interview with Richard Carrier

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Atheism should be as unremarkable as the sun rising in the morning. But randomly stick a pin in a map of the world and, chances are, you will land on a country where atheists are excluded, disparaged and discriminated against—maybe worse.

Atheist Alliance International works to combat discrimination against atheists and to make the world a safer and more rational place for everyone. We support, fund and advise on campaigns around the world to defend atheists and resist the encroachment of religious dogma into public policy.

You can help. Join us. Become a member, a volunteer or a donor. Do it today.

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