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Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals working with atheists worldwide to demystify and normalize atheism, defend atheists who are at risk, promote critical thinking and counter religious dogma in government and public policy.

Board roles

AAI Board Members all play a role in formulating strategy and making day-to-day decisions for the organization. Most Board Members also have a functional role, such as managing social media or publications. If you are an atheist with experience managing a commercial or voluntary organization and have some time to spare, why not consider joining the AAI Board? We are a professional, friendly team and we are all here for the same reason—to make a difference in the world.

As an AAI Board Member, you will need to be able to devote around half a day per week to your work (more for some roles), you will agree annual objectives with the AAI President and will be expected to deliver! You will also be expected to attend Board Meetings which are held by video-conferencing once per month. If you tick all the boxes and want to do more to help atheists and promote rationality internationally, please review the roles available below. If there’s something you would love to do, please click here to apply. Please note all AAI Board positions are unpaid, voluntary roles.

World News Director

The World News Director is responsible for maintaining a supply of topical and relevant news items from around the world for the AAI website. The aim should be to publish at least one article per week.

This involves recruiting people internationally to write on events happening in their region that relate to atheism. You will need to keep in weekly contact with the team and to discuss possible topics for news items. You will ensure team members adhere to News Team Guidelines and will ensure articles submitted from the news team are edited before being published on AAI’s website and/or social media to ensure they are clear, interesting, free of typos and written in good English.

Experience as a journalist or other professional writing role will be preferred for this position.

Campaigns Director

Campaigns are crucial for our success—they are at the center of our work. The Campaigns Director will work closely with the people implementing campaigns and is responsible for:

  • Producing costed campaign proposals for AAI to sponsor each year in collaboration with other directors or affiliates.
  • Ensuring good communications between AAI and affiliates and others involved in campaigns.
  • Ensuring campaigns are competently managed to meet the objectives set out in agreed campaign proposals.
  • Ensuring AAI funds are properly monitored and spent in accordance with agreed campaign proposals.
  • Reporting campaign progress to the AAI Board periodically.
  • Evaluating the success of completed campaigns.

Experience in project management along with good communication and influencing skills are essential for this position.

Fundraising Director

The job of the Fundraising Director is to raise money to support AAI’s activities. There are four main ways of doing this: through social media, applying for grants, requesting donations from wealthy individuals and running events/competitions/auctions and the like.

The Director will ensure AAI is signed up for all charitable programs offered by social media platforms with which we have accounts (Facebook, Google, Paypal, etc.) and will run appeals where possible via these channels. The Director will ensure AAI takes advantage of opportunities such as Giving Tuesday and Amazon Smile.

The Director will compile and maintain a directory of sympathetic individuals and organizations and will write to them periodically appealing for funding. Appeals may be made for specific campaigns, in response to world events or for general funding.

This role requires a disciplined self-starter with good communication skills and empathy. Planning and careful record-keeping are essential skills. The job-holder will need to work closely with all Board Members, especially with the President, Social Media, Merchandise and Treasurer. Experience in a fundraising role would be preferred.

Other volunteer roles

We are always looking for volunteers to help us. Volunteering is a great way to support atheism and meet others from around the world. We need volunteers for marketing, merchandising, fundraising, helping to organize campaigns, translation, writing articles and more. If you would like to be a volunteer, complete an application form here, or check below for specific vacancies we have right now.

Content writers

We are looking for volunteer content writers for our website. Wherever you live you can help.

We need articles of general interest to atheists. In particular, we need news items from your country that relate to atheism, the way atheists are treated, church and state entanglement, infiltration of dogma into public policy, education and science, and stories that illustrate the dangers of excessive religiosity.

Content must be submitted in English (our website automatically translates into several languages) so content writers must have a good command of English.

Content must be original and not copied or plagiarised from other sources.

We expect content writers to deliver at least 12 articles over the course of a year, although you may submit as many as you like. Articles should be at least 300 words, up to a maximum of 1,500 words. If possible, we appreciate images to accompany your articles. Images must be of good quality and you must have permission to use them.

Your submissions will be reviewed by a member of our Editorial Board and may be edited or shortened at our discretion.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position. If you have what it takes, and would like to help a leading international atheist organization, please complete an application form here.

Join our News Team

AAI wants to keep Atheists around the world informed on events that affect them. We need people to report on news that relates to atheism. If you have the ability to write and the time to report, we want to hear from you. You only need to send in a story once every month or two.

Currently, we are looking for people in China, South and Central America, Western Europe and Africa to join our News Team.

If you are interested, please contact: .