The AAI Board has responsibility and full executive authority for the operations and activities of Atheist Alliance International, subject only to compliance at all times with the provisions of relevant laws, AAI’s Bylaws and any policies passed at Board meetings.

All AAI Directors are volunteers.

Gail Miller small

President: Gail Miller (Canada)

Languages: English

Gail has been involved in secular activities for the past 10 years. She was elected to the Board for Atheist Alliance International in 2013. Gail first worked on the Asylum Project and then became Treasurer. In May 2017, she was elected Interim President of Atheist Alliance International.

Gail also founded The Critical Thinking Project with Dr. Christopher DiCarlo in 2016. This organization teaches basic critical thinking skills to students in Developing Countries. In 2009, she co-authored the children’s book “Why Don’t We Go To Church”.

Her background is in Social Work where she worked in the fields of child protection and mental health.

20160818 Bill Flavell small

Vice President – Bill Flavell (United Kingdom)

Languages: English

Even as a small child, Bill preferred to ask questions before believing things people told him and, although raised a Christian, by the age of 13 he concluded there were no good reasons to believe in God.

Bill pursued a career in IT, marketing and management consultancy and thought little about atheism until the 9/11 atrocity showed how religion could become lethal. This spurred him to engage in online debates with Christians and Muslims and to become active on Facebook; debating, creating memes and writing articles.

His online presence resulted in speaking invitations from atheist groups in several countries including; India, The Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya and South Africa. This work has developed to the point where Bill acts as a mentor to emergent atheist groups by advising on everything from organizational matters to debating techniques, PR and media training.

Bill is a Board Advisor to the Atheist Alliance of America. He teaches and promotes Street Epistemology as a way to help people to examine, and revise, their beliefs in a friendly and non-confrontational way.

Secretary: Howard Burman (USA)

Language: English

Howard Burman is a writer with a Ph.D. in Dramatic Literature and Theatre History. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has taught in Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA.

In grade school he was a believer; in high school, a doubter; in college, a committed atheist. He is the founder of Santa Cruz Atheists and passionate about promoting reason and science.


IT Director: Sam Khangyi (Canada)

Languages: English, Hungarian

Sam Khangyi is a programmer with a B.Sc in computer programming, his specialty is applications and web applications/websites. He also designs databases, builds and manages servers and storage systems. A strong Linux and free software advocate, and a founding member of the Calgary Linux Users Group Guild.
He has been partially indoctrinated in both Christianity and Islam, and rejected them both, hence his capability to address and debate theists from both delusional denominations. An equal opportunity Atheist he has debated many theists, picketed anti-abortionists at the schools and volunteered in multiple CFI events so far.


Social Media Director: CW Brown (USA)

Languages: English 

CW Brown is the CEO and Founder of the Philosophical Atheism and Thinking Rationally online communities that were both founded in 2013.

In 2017 he was appointed Executive and Social Media Director of Atheist Alliance of America and he partnered with Mark W. Gura to help bring about a reformation of the fourth largest religion in the world, Buddhism. They hope to shed light upon its important secular qualities whilst pointing out its supernatural flaws.

He resides in Vermont, USA and has been an atheist, humanist, and freethinking activist since 2013. Previously, he had been a Christian for 17 years, and he uses many valuable personal experiences from those years to help others in their journey towards reason.

He holds an A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. He very strongly believes in putting human rights above those of age-old mythologies. He enjoys playing music (piano and guitar), reading and writing (music and articles), and building a reformed mind by consistently pondering the phrase “Question Before You Believe.”

Affiliates: John Richards (United Kingdom) –
Language: English

John is a retired science teacher and campaigner for critical thinking. He writes books and gives presentations on non-belief.



Communications Director: Pearl Osibu (Nigeria)

Language: English

Pearl is a writer and member of the Atheist society of Nigeria and the Nigerian Humanist Movement. She is passionate about humanistic ideals, equality in all its forms and vocal about her stances.

Pearl has worked with several civil society organizations in Nigeria on gender and rights-based issues. She helped mobilize and host the recently concluded first ever Atheist convention in Nigeria.

On social media, she is @pearlosibu across all platforms (facebook, twitter, Instagram) and blogs at