Book drive for the world

Elisabeth, our Book Drive Coordinator in Canada

For atheists in the western world, getting a book on atheism or science is just a click away. Not so for atheists in other parts of the world. Books on these topics can be scarce and difficult to access yet they are a vital resource for atheists living in a sea of religious and superstitious folk.

Dominic Omenai

Dominic Omenai

Our first book drive is to build a library of atheist and science books in Nigeria. Dominic Omenai is our contact in Nigeria. Dominic will curate the library and lend books to members of the Atheist Society of Nigeria and others. Dominic said, “Books on atheism and also science are not available in Nigeria; you can’t get them at the local bookstore. Buying the books from overseas presents a financial challenge as the books will be too costly in the Nigerian Naira when the costs are converted from dollars.”

The Atheist Society of Nigeria is an AAI affiliate that is growing rapidly in this deeply religious country of 180 million people.

Elisabeth Mathes (pictured above with some of the books she has collected) is our Affiliates Director from Nelson, BC, Canada. In the first two weeks, she collected more than 20 books that are being shipped to Nigeria, and over 100 more are on their way to her. She’s also ordered used books from Amazon for the library.  In addition, American Atheists, BC Humanists, and chapters from Atheist Alliance of America have all pledged to help out with this project.

But let’s not stop here.  If we get more books than Dominic in Nigeria can manage, we will start a library in another country. There are lots of places in the world where there is no access to books on atheism and science.

As an individual, or as a member of a secular group, if you would like to help us with this project, please contact Elisabeth, at: . If you can’t give hands-on help, please send us a list of atheist and science books you could donate, or make a donation to help towards shipping costs.


Thank you for your support!

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