Guatemala Billboard Campaign

Billboard Campaign Guatemala – “It is not necessary to believe in a god or religion to be good. If you know this, you are not alone.”

In summer 2017, the Guatemala Humanistas ran a campaign called “No Estas Solo” (you are not alone). The purpose of the campaign was to introduce non-belief to the population there.

The high point of the campaign were the four billboards in Guatemala City that were funded by AAI. The message said it was okay if people did not believe in a god or religion; they were still good and they were not alone.

The billboards attracted a lot of attention. Members of the Guatemala Humanistas were interviewed on popular talk shows on TV and Radio. A renowned columnist from the major newspaper in Guatemala City wrote an editorial about religious hypocrisy and intolerance referring to the No Estas Solo campaign. In two weeks, the Humanistas got more than 7000 followers on Facebook.

AAI Board member and Guatemala Humanistas interview by local media

AAI wants to put up more billboards in other countries with this message and more. This is one of many ways to normalize and promote atheism around the world.