Samaneh Khani

Samaneh Khani is from Iran. She has a Bachelor in Graphic Design and a Bachelor in Tourism Management. She speaks Persian, English and Dutch.
The last 12 years of her stay in Iran she was actively involved with enlightenment activities and collaborated with Iranian Atheists & Agnostics. She created a community of atheists and provided them with e-books, documents, and weekly meetings.
From 2015 till 2020 she formed a support group for working children and orphaned children of Afghanistan and Iran.
In 2018, together with friends, they formed a feminist group to inform about women’s rights, which have been trampled and ignored by the Islamic Republic, and after the arrest of some members of the group, this group continues to operate secretly.
Because of her political activities, the Iranian intelligence services searched her home, confiscated her personal belongings and they became sure that she is an activist.
Sam was arrested and detained 3 times by the moral police.
Since 2020 she has been a refugee in theĀ Netherlands.
So far, she has planned and contributed to the planning of more than 30 demonstrations in the Netherlands against the Islamic Republic and against Islam.