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AAI Position Statement – Gender Balance

Atheist Alliance International has been running an Atheist Census project for the past several years. One of the striking results of this project has been the gross gender imbalance in participation (and, presumably, self-identification) that the project has consistently shown. AAI believes that this gender imbalance is a problem within the atheist movement and community that needs to be rectified...

AAI Position Statement – Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is an essential human righti and a foundational principle of a free society. There is an inherent conflict between freedom of expression and the desire of some religious people to have their beliefs treated with deference. Commonly, restrictions on freedom of expression are sought through anti-blasphemy laws, laws against “incitement to religious hatred” or the use of violenc...

AAI Position Statement – Government Support For Religion

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) strongly opposes government support for religion whether symbolic or financial. It is an essential human right that people have the freedom to be religious or not religious as they choose. [1] It is also an essential principle of a fair and just society that all citizens should be treated equally by the law,without discrimination on the basis of religion or oth...

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