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Position Statements

AAI Position Statement – Gender Balance

Atheist Alliance International has been running an Atheist Census project for the past several years. One of the striking results of this project has been the gross gender imbalance in participation (and, presumably, self-identification) that the project has consistently shown. AAI believes that this gender imbalance is a problem within the atheist movement and community that needs to be rectified.  This report – a compilation of research on the causes of the imbalance, as well as possible solutions, was compiled as a response to this issue.

While Atheist Alliance International does not believe that we can solve this problem on our own, we do believe that it is a significant and urgent issue that should be seriously addressed by movement and community leaders in order to strengthen the foundations of our community and forward our movement.

This report was compiled in 2016 by AAI Board Members Carlos Afredo Diaz (Argentina) and John Hamill (Ireland).

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