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Others Talk About Transparency—We Deliver

Who do you trust enough to give your time or your hard-earned cash to? This is an important question. There are no end of charities who want your money and you can’t support them all. So you have to decide which organizations are doing things you truly support and which of those you trust to spend your money wisely and honestly. Atheist Alliance International places integrity as its first and non-...

AAI Internet Café—Democratic Republic of the Congo

AAI helps humanists in the DRC set up an Internet Café to raise funds and help local people.

Introducing Our Advisory Council

AAI announces the members of its new Advisory Council.

The Story of a Bangladeshi ex-Muslim Writer

Ashanour Rahman Khan is an ex-Muslim from Bangladesh seeking asylum in Sweden. He'll be appearing in an exclusive interview with AAI's John Richards today.

Why Trust Atheist Alliance International?

Mrs A Mubarak Speaks

I really want to thank AAI for their continuous help after my husband’s (Mubarak Bala) disappearance since 28th April, 2020. The AAI has been helping me both financially and emotionally because Mubarak was taken away when our son was 6 weeks old. I was still recovering from my Cesarean Section when he was taken. I thank most especially Mr Bill Flavel for his utmost concern. He chats to me of...


The disciplinary committee of the Atheist Alliance International board met today with our Executive Director, Michael Sherlock. The meeting was to review a series of Tweets that took place on Monday this week involving Michael Sherlock, Kaitlyn Gleason et al. The committee reviewed the Tweets and Michael explained his recollection of events. Whilst AAI expects to encounter controversy in the publi...

Iran Executes Father of Two for Drinking

Quran 47:15 says there are rivers of water that do not alter, rivers of milk that never change their taste and rivers of wines that are very delicious to those who drink. There are also rivers of honey from their lord only for those asking for forgiveness. Those who do not desire forgiveness will be given boiling water to drink and it will cut up their stomach and bowels. The above verse is taken ...

Welcome New AAI Board Members

Our affiliates have spoken! We had a huge seven board seats to be decided by our affiliate members in our end of June elections. Congratulations to the successful candidates and a very warm welcome to the Atheist Alliance International board. We have a huge job in front of us, so let’s get started. Results Here are all the seats up for election and the winning candidates. Regional Director: ...

What Makes Us Different

Atheist Alliance International has been serving the atheist community since 1991. We are the only specifically atheist organization to hold Special Consultative status at the United Nations Human Rights Council. The charity rating service GuideStar awarded AAI a Gold Rating “demonstrating our commitment to transparency.” The values we hold dear make us what we are. Please watch the vid...

Free Mubarak Bala!

Mubarak Bala, President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria has been arrested on a charge of blasphemy. He was arrested in Kaduna on Tuesday and held overnight. Yesterday, he was taken to Kano State which has Shariah courts. Kano has a history of religious mob violence and that move directly puts Mubarak’s life in danger. Will the police be able to protect him from the mob? Will they try? In 20...

Atheist Day 2020

There are more non-religious people in the world than there are Hindus. Today in the USA you will find atheists among the ranks of elite scientists (93% of them are atheists according to a 1996 study by Edward J. Larson & Larry Witham), the rich and famous, and in every walk of life. Yet there are great swathes of the world where admitting you are an atheist could lead to social ostracism, los...

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