The AAI interviews: Amaka Rea

Amaka is the founder of the NIGERIAN Atheist/Humanist/FreeThinkers Sanctuary Facebook group. Amaka talks to John Richards about this active group, which has over 16,000 members, and much more.

The AAI Interviews: Ariane Sherine

John Richards interviews Ariane Sherine.

The AAI Interviews: Dr Lauryn Oates

John Richards interviews Dr Lauryn Oates. Lauryn is a Human Rights activist turned Education Organizer for the Taliban conflict zone of Afghanistan.

The AAI Interviews: Aron Ra

John Richards interviews atheist, author, anti-creationist, and pro-science activist, Aron Ra.

The AAI video

Who we are, why we are here and what we do.

The AAI Interviews: Richard Carrier

Did Jesus ever exist? AAI discusses this question and more with ancient historian and Jesus mythicist Richard Carrier.

The AAI Interviews: Keith Lowell Jensen

John Richards and atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen talk about Keith's new comedy album “Bad Comedy for Bad People” and a whole lot more.