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Michael Sherlock Appointed Executive Director

Michael Sherlock at podium

Atheist Alliance International is excited to announce the appointment of Michael Sherlock as Executive Director, effective from today. Michael will report to Interim AAI President, Howard Burman. He will assume overall management of our campaigns and be responsible for growing AAI so we can do more to normalize atheism and make the world a safer place for atheists.

Michael is the author of seven atheism-related books including the “I Am Christ” trilogy. He is a life-long activist for the human rights of the non-religious and religious alike. He combines great communication skills, organizational and management experience with an impressive passion for the cause.

Welcoming Michael to AAI, Howard Burman said,

We are delighted that Michael Sherlock has joined us as Executive Director. He brings experience, great energy, and expertise to our growing organization. We look forward to his leadership in helping us help atheists around the world.

Michael Sherlock said,

I am thrilled to have been appointed as Executive Director of Atheist Alliance International! 

AAI, with its philanthropic funding of a humanist school in Uganda to its standing at the UN, which it uses to champion the human rights of the non-religious across the globe, has a real potential to achieve its primary purpose, the right of all human beings to live freely and peacefully through the noble vehicle of secularism. This goal is in lockstep with my own, and given AAI’s global reach, I have now been afforded an immense opportunity to make a real difference for disenfranchised atheists and secularists.

My plan is to use my position as Executive Director to spread and normalize atheism in all parts of the world, from the USA to Saudi Arabia. I look forward to working side-by-side with the amazing members of the AAI board, its dedicated members, loyal affiliates and selfless volunteers. 

With hard work and dedication, we can eventually make this planet atheist-friendly.

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