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Atheist Alliance International Adopts New Bylaws


On February 3rd of this year, Atheist Alliance International’s new bylaws officially took effect. We are pleased to announce that these new bylaws were necessary to reflect our growth. We believe that Atheist Alliance International’s new bylaws will facilitate new growth heading into the future as well.

A message from our President, Gail Miller:

Today AAI has new bylaws that give the organization a more global perspective. Normally bylaws are not exciting. Most groups have them but few people read them. At AAI we are excited because this change reflects the growth and strength of the organization. Two and half years ago AAI was on life support. It was suggested we fold and join another organization. But a group of us just couldn’t let the only international organization with the name “Atheist” in it die. A decision was made to revamp AAI. In order to do so, we had to change the bylaws which gave Affiliates a say in matters but at that time, there were few affiliates and almost no responses from them.

Since then AAI has moved forward to focus on helping atheists around the world, cutting expenses and making Board members accountable. The organization has grown. We now have over 40 affiliates from America to Asia. Our donations are increasing making it possible to support worthwhile campaigns to promote atheism and help those in need. Affiliates are now a vital and growing part of AAI. They are our eyes and ears on the ground. The new bylaws reflect this change and give them a vote on Board members and strategy. The Board will now have 6 positions dedicated to regions around the world – Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America.

I look forward to this new era. The future looks bright and with the numbers of atheists growing worldwide, AAI is ready to represent them.

With these new bylaws now in place, we hope that you, our supporters, are pleased with our growth. Please consider becoming a supporter of this powerful international alliance of atheists working for good. Join here.

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