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Others Talk About Transparency—We Deliver

Who do you trust enough to give your time or your hard-earned cash to? This is an important question. There are no end of charities who want your money and you can’t support them all. So you have to decide which organizations are doing things you truly support and which of those you trust to spend your money wisely and honestly.

Atheist Alliance International places integrity as its first and non-negotiable value. Within the organization we all know that, but how do people outside of the organization know it? We have to tell you and demonstrate that it is true. So here are some facts that should help you decide.


GuideStar is an independent organization that helps donors assess charities before making a donation. GuideStar issues Seals of Transparency. Charities may have no seal or a Bronze, Gold or Platinum seal. We are proud to announce we have been awarded the highest available and rarest Seal—Platinum. See GuideStar.


The second fact is even rarer and possibly unique. The AAI board has decided to take transparency to the next level. We will publish item-by-item expenditure on our campaigns and support cases (subject to protecting the safety of the people we help). We have started with recent cases. We will add more as they occur and will provide monthly updates to keep information up-to-date. See the latest data here.

Our Donations Policy

Thirdly, we have published our Donations Policy. This explains how we raise money, how we spend it, how we make sure we respect donors’ wishes, what happens if we raise too much, and so on. Where possible, we give a link to our Donations Policy whenever we seek donations on our website. You can read the policy here.


All this is in addition to a major revision to our bylaws that came into force in March 2020. This gave our affiliates full authority to nominate and elect board members and gave ordinary AAI members the ability to nominate themselves for any open board role. This revision was a step change to make us more democratic and more accessible. And, unlike many other atheist organizations, we publish our bylaws in full on our website. See our bylaws here.

If you are looking for an organization to join or donate to that has strong integrity with world-class transparency, you have found one. Please join us today.

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