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Who we are

AAI is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals. We are the only atheist group accredited with UN Special Consultative status.

What we do

AAI speaks up for atheists everywhere. We support atheists in danger and we educate people about atheism. Our goal is a secular world.

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AAI Annual Report 2021/22

We have been busy helping atheists, opposing blasphemy laws, saving victims, giving humanitarian aid and much more.
Review of work | ARAP | Humanitarian aid | Campaigns
Board changes | The future
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I really want to thank AAI for their continuous help after my husband’s (Mubarak Bala) disappearance since 28th April, 2020. AAI has been helping me both financially and emotionally because Mubarak was taken away when our son was 6 weeks old.
Mrs A Mubarak, Wife of Mubarak Bala
Mrs A Mubarak
AAI came to my aid from the very moment I have contacted them, emotionally, financially, and finally to safety. They did help me survive and supported me emotionally when I had no one to lean on! I will forever be thankful for them and will never forget what they did for me.
Solal Mahdi Ahmed, Saudi Arabian ex-Muslim
Solal Mahdi Ahmed

Atheist Support Network

Do you have the freedom to believe or not believe in a religion? In many countries, nonbelievers do not have this freedom, and in thirteen countries, nonbelievers face arrest or a death sentence!
Atheist Alliance International has been working to help atheists and ex-Muslims for years but we significantly ramped up our efforts in 2019 by developing the Atheist Support Network (ASN).
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Atheist Alliance International
Atheist Alliance International3 days ago
Live | 7.30pm IST | 2.00pm GMT | Tuesday, September 26

Arif Hussain Theruvath welcomes Ravichandran C, an Indian #atheist, a renowned #science and #freethought communicator as well as a prolific writer.
In #AAI_Hot_Seat.

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Atheist Alliance International is an organization of volunteers working to make the world more secular and a safe place for atheists. The income to support our work comes from our members and donors. Please help us. Make a one-off or regular donation, and we will put your money to good use. Thank you!

Atheism is a Ground for Asylum

In a very important decision by a Greek Court, atheism has been recognized as a legitimate ground for claiming asylum!  This is the first time a Greek court has made this determination, and we believe, a first anywhere in the world. Atheism is now recognised as a ground for the vulnerability of a person in a fundamentalist religious state.
It can now be argued, in Europe at least, that atheists are at special risk in some Islamic countries and, consequently, need to be protected.
Full story here
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Atheists in Lebanon:

Human Rights Violation Report

Our affiliate, Freethought Lebanon, has published a study called: Atheists in Lebanon: Human Rights Violations. It is the first study of its kind itemizing discrimination against atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers in Lebanon.
The findings of this study are presented in four sections.
Full Story here ↠

Umar Farouk is FREE!

Today, prison guards escorted Umar Farouk to a Kano court where he was handed over to our lawyers. Sixteen-year-old Umar had been found guilty of blasphemy in a Kano magistrates court on August 10 and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with menial labor.
AAI engaged a legal team in Nigeria to appeal his sentence.
Full Story here ↠

Atheist Artist Rescued

A persecuted LGBT, atheist was relocated from a Muslim country with the assistance of our Atheist Support Network and the generous support of donors like you… Thank you.
Full story here ↠

Affiliate success

UNHRC resolution condemns witchcraft

After six years of tireless effort by our affiliate, the Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti (MANS), the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) and many NGO’s, universities, and subject matter experts, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has unanimously approved a resolution ‘condemning witchcraft and harmful religious practices’ at its 47th session.
Read more here

Know someone who loves books?

Books are a wonderful present that can last a lifetime. We have curated a treasure trove of books on all aspects of atheism, and other topics too—including a selection of books suitable for kids.
Many of these books will be especially valuable for people who are doubting their religion and for people who have recently discarded their religion and want to learn more.
See the full selection here

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