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Thinking Out Loud

Atheists believe in nothing!

Happy man, life is worth living.

Why do religious people so often think atheists believe in nothing and stand for nothing? They couldn’t be more wrong.

I stand for believing only things that are true.

I stand for equal rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination on grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, disability and more.

I believe in treating my fellow humans with respect and preserving their dignity. I like to help people where I reasonably can, and I dislike harming people. I even try hard to avoid inconveniencing people—so you won’t find me playing loud music that disturbs my neighbours, pushing to the front of queues, or parking in a disabled spot without entitlement. But you will see me stopping in my car to let other cars pass when traffic is heavy.

I believe it is important to be tolerant of differences in lifestyles, dress codes and so on, so long as no-one is being harmed.

I believe we should take care of the planet and pass it on to our children in the best possible, sustainable condition.

Rather than dominion over animals as the Bible teaches, I believe we have a duty of care for animals.

I stand for rational enquiry and an evidence-based approach to medicine, education and government policy-making—in fact for everything. I could go on…

Rather than standing for nothing, I may stand for more than most religious people. All atheists are different but, I think many of them share my values.

I wish more religious people did.

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