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Thinking Out Loud

Theology vs Science

Images of theologian Justus Jonas and scientist Nicolaus Copernicus

Theology essentially studies simple questions; does god exist and what is his nature? Despite this, and several thousand years of effort, theology has reached no consensus on either question. There has been zero progress.

Why are these questions simple? Because if God exists, it would be blindingly obvious. If God is everywhere, can communicate with every human being and makes local changes to the arrow of time or the laws of nature millions, or billions, of times a day in response to our pleas for help, the evidence for his existence would be ubiquitous. The notion of being unaware of God would be as absurd as being unaware of gravity. God would be part of the fabric of our world.

Science studies the most difficult questions known to man, such as the nature of matter and the origins of the universe. Science investigates things that are invisible to us, and things that are far too small to see and far to big too comprehend. Science investigates events that occurred long before any humans existed, or even before any life existed. Despite these enormous challenges, in less than 500 years science has transformed our understanding of thousands of deep questions that held our ancestors in ignorance since the emergence of our species.

But theology has revealed nothing. Theology has allowed ignorance to masquerade as knowledge. Theology is worthless.

Science is the key that is unlocking the universe.

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