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Thinking Out Loud

The Bible’s final metaphor

An open Bible with text deleted

Many parts of the world (but not all) are moving away from a literal interpretation of the Bible. The evidence that the Earth was not formed before the stars; the universe was not formed in a few days; and man did not suddenly pop into existence is so overwhelming, that you need a special determination to avoid evidence to believe the Biblical accounts.

But once you have taken that first step and accepted that the Bible is not 100% literally true, it’s easier to see that many parts of the Bible are not literally true. So, the talking snake story is a metaphor, the sun did not literally stop in the sky, Jesus did not literally mean hate your parents and your wife.

Taking out the unverifiable, the disproved and the absurd, will surely make the Bible stronger and more suited to people in the age of science and reason. So, I urge you to go through your Bibles with a marker pen and obscure those parts that are literally unbelievable.

The more you think about it, the more you will delete. If you do this diligently, you will delete a great deal of the book.

When you finally put your pen down, if you see God has gone too—congratulations! You’ve deleted God, the Bible’s final metaphor.

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