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Thinking Out Loud

This is no test

Planet Earth from outer space

Christians say life on Earth is just a test to see who is fit for heaven. The death of a child is just a test; an earthquake is a test. Cancer, birth defects, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes, malaria and ebola are all tests.

God has an entire arsenal of tests for us and some people are tested multiple times, but others are never tested at all.

What Christians don’t tell us is why an infinitely-loving, omniscient God needs to put humans through untold suffering to find answers he already knows.

There is a much simpler explanation that requires no apologetics, no mental gymnastics and no suspension of disbelief. We are small, fragile beings on an unstable and indifferent rock surrounded by a chaotic atmosphere hurtling through a hostile universe. We evolved together with a host of other life forms, many of which can harm us.

That’s why bad things happen. Simple.

Bill Flavell
AAI Vice President

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