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Book Review: The Stranger of Wigglesworth by Colby Hess

Book Review: The Stranger of Wigglesworth  by Colby Hess

Colby Hess has written a children’s book that is an allegory for the origins of all religions, and how the priests and shamans play on our collective human insecurities to con us into following their rituals to stave off impending doom.

Hess writes that The Stranger of Wigglesworth is ‘specifically aimed at young atheists and freethinkers – a genre which seems massively underrepresented in literature. The theme of the book is the importance of critical thinking and applying it to see through falsehood and deception to discover the truth – a goal at the heart of both science and atheism, and one critical to improving society.’

Further, AAI Advisory Council member, Michael Shermer, writes of Colby’s book:

‘What an absolutely delightful and sparkling book, a story destined to take its rightful place on the shelf next to Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, as a brave boy once again schools the adults on how to expose deceit by speaking out with character and courage. Read it to your child, and even to your inner child, for a lesson that never ceases to entertain and educate.’

If you are a freethinking parent who has been struggling to find content to build your child’s cognitive faculties, then The Stranger of Wigglesworth might be just what you’ve been looking for. You can find it on Amazon.

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