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This Giving Tuesday, Let’s Show How Generous Atheists Can Be

Atheist Lighthouse for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 to counter the spotlight that Black Friday and Cyber Monday put on human consumption and materialism. The intent behind it is to remind consumers that the holidays are also about giving and generosity.

As volunteers and leaders in international secular nonprofits, we would like to take part in Giving Tuesday by highlighting the generosity of nonbelievers.

That’s why we started Atheist Lighthouse. Atheist Lighthouse is a listing of secular organizations around the world who are working hard to make the world a safer place for atheists and believers alike. These groups work hard to promote critical thought and reason. Many of the organizations listed are in areas of the world where asking too many questions can be dangerous and being an atheist can get you killed. In the face of such danger, they fight tirelessly for rational thought.

In India, for example, the anti-superstition organization Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti is carrying on with Professor Narendra Nayak’s work. The Professor made it his job to travel to the villages of India, where he held workshops at his own expense. During these workshops, he exposed the reality behind common tricks, he taught how to detect fraudsters, and he explained how to think critically.

In Uganda, the Kasese Humanist School was started with the backing of Atheist Alliance International, to offer a science-based education to children from ages 3 – 14. Humanist values are also on the curriculum. Learning like this is essential in Uganda, where the debate over the death penalty for LGBTQ people has been raging for years.

As atheists, sometimes we face a certain stigma. For many people, one of the last words they might associate with an atheist is “generous.” An essential goal of atheist activism is to normalize disbelief. Giving generously this holiday season can only work wonders to this end.

More importantly, it benefits everyone to support organizations that promote critical thought, reason and science-based education. Not only does it serve to make life safer for atheists in theocratic countries, it makes life better for everyone. Villagers in India are less likely to fall victim to “godmen,” children in Uganda are more likely to get a well-rounded education, and members of the LGBTQ community can find safety in more places. These are just a few of the limitless benefits of promoting rational thought and evidence-based reasoning.

So, this holiday season, embrace the spirit of giving. Head on over to Atheist Lighthouse to fight the stigma associated with being an atheist and make the world a better place for everyone.

If you can’t afford to give, that’s okay. You can still do your part by sharing this post and the Atheist Lighthouse web page, making sure to use the hashtags #AtheistsGive and #GivingTuesday. You can also join the Facebook event, here.

Let’s show the world just how generous atheists can be. Head on over to Atheist Lighthouse, now.

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