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Welcome New AAI Board Members

Welcome New AAI Board Members

Our affiliates have spoken!

Four new board members were elected by our affiliate members in our July 2021 elections. Congratulations to the successful candidates and a very warm welcome to the Atheist Alliance International board.

We also welcome back four directors who were re-elected.


Here are the seats up for election and the winning candidates.

Regional Director: Africa

Ebuka Ikeorah

Country of residence: Nigeria
Languages spoken: Igbo, English

Regional Director: Asia

Tonoy Emroz Alam

Country of residence: Germany (Bangladesh)
Languages spoken: Bengali, English, Hindi, German

Regional Director: Australasia

Stella Thomas

Country of residence: Australia
Languages spoken: English

Regional Director: North America

No candidate elected.

At-Large Directors

Five At-Large roles we up for election:

At-Large Director

Jason Sylvester

Country of residence: Global citizen
Languages spoken: English

Sitting directors we re-elected for the remaining four roles. The re-elected directors are:

Howard Burman
Bill Flavell
Fotis Frangopoulos
Tina Hamilton

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