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Thinking Out Loud

God vs Surgeons

Surgeons replacing a heart valve

Here’s a test for those pastors who claim they can work miracles through God; take them to a hospital to pray for 30 patients.

Ten patients have aortic valve failure and need replacement heart valves.
Ten are almost blind, suffering from advanced cataracts—their eyes need replacement lenses.
Ten have chronic osteoarthritis in their knees and need artificial knee joints.

In a modern hospital, surgeons will achieve a 100%, or near 100%, success rate healing these 30 patients. God will be unable to heal ANY of them.

Any pastor can feel free to prove me wrong but we have never seen God do ever, what surgeons do every day.

Believers make extraordinary claims for God. They claim he created an entire universe from nothing and he designed and assembled living things from atoms. But they can’t show he can replace a knee joint, an eye lens or a heart valve.

The truth is, believers cannot even show that God exists, far less that he ever did anything at all. Believers have faith and empty claims, but nothing else.

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