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AAI supported blasphemy case triumphs in Bangladesh

A matter of equality

In October 2020, a mob combined of Muslim and Hindu extremists staged protest rallies demanding the arrest and death penalty of Mohammed Alam, a secular activist from the Panchagar district of Bangladesh. He was accused of defaming both Muslim and Hindu faiths on social media. He was severely beaten and threatened with death.

Law enforcement authorities, instead of insuring his safety, arrested him and sent him to jail. Charged under Bangladesh’s notorious Digital Security Act 2018, Bangladesh’s version of the blasphemy law, Alam spent eleven months in jail without a trial.

AAI and its partners in Bangladesh have been actively supporting Alam since he was arrested. Support included assistance for his family and legal expenses. On November 30th, 2022, the court  acquitted Alam of all charges.

Sharing this good news, Alam wrote to AAI,¬† “I’m expressing my sincere gratitude to AAI for the support it provided to me in the time of great difficulties. Your assistance allowed me not just to become a free man again, but also to rebuild my life.”

AAI was happy to provide the help Alam and his family needed.

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Tonoy is a member of the board of directors at Atheist Alliance International.